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Introducing the most hilarious sport you'll ever play.

Imagine yourself inside a giant bubble, dodging between other players like bumper cars. 
It's the most fun you've had since...well...ever.

Bubble soccer, knockerball, or bump soccer is the only sport where constant laughter is guaranteed.

Bubble Soccer Games provides bubble suits, field equipment, and comedian referees.
Corporate team building. Parties. Community events.

Most entertaining bubble soccer game in Denver!
Watch the video below.

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All equipment provided. Turnkey event. 
Play the most entertaining sport on earth!

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Call (720) 545-8141

Enjoy the fun of playing bubble soccer together.

Treat your friends, your employees, or your community to the most fun they've had in years. Denver's Bubble Soccer Games is the perfect activity for parties, corporate events, and community events!

Bubble Soccer Games provides all the equipment and takes care of everything you need for a fun bubble soccer party or event. You just play the most entertaining sport on earth, and have an awesome time.


Birthdays & 
Private Parties

Birthday parties, bachelor parties, engagement parties, weddings.

Corporate Functions

Team building, corporate retreats, industry leagues, etc.

Community Events

Schools, fairs, church groups, school carnivals, concerts, festivals, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with Bubble Soccer?

Jourdan and the Bubble Soccer Games team answer your questions about bubble soccer.

How do you play Bubble Soccer?

Also known as knockerball, or bump soccer. The game is pretty much just like soccer, but you're wearing an inflatable plastic bubble. The suit encloses the player from head to knees and has a handle inside to grip.

.Wearing the suit encourages (ok, pretty much guarantees) feeling like a kid again, inspires fun play, and sometime entails full-speed (but safe) collisions with opposing soccer players. You might even end up upside-down, legs helplessly dangling in the air. Hey, we warned you.

How many people do you need to play Bubble Soccer?

Between 8 and 10 people is ideal, but you can have fun playing bubble soccer with groups of all sizes.

How many bubbles can I rent at a time?

You must rent at least 8, and you can rent up to 16 at a time so multiple games can be played at once,

Can I purchase bubbles?

At this time we only provide rental services. We do offer discounts for multiple day rentals.


What is different about Bubble Soccer Games?

Bubble Soccer Games is the only source in the Denver area providing ALL the following for bubble soccer/knockerball:

  • Non-stop good times!
  • The best & absolutely most fun bubble soccer game format, developed through serving hundreds of events in the Denver area
  • A fun-coordinator (referee)
  • The best bubble suits available
  • Premium netted goals
  • Real soccer balls
  • Team colors
  • Field boundary markers
  • Scoreboard
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Curated music via our audio system (Or plug in your own playlist!)

Where are you based?

We are based in Denver, Colorado, which is a fantastic place to play bubble soccer.

Which areas do you service?

We can rent anywhere within 50 miles of Denver. Drop-off and pick-up are included in rental.



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